Company's History

Indo Japan Enterprises is a proprietorship company started in the year 1974 by H.Md.Sadiq a post Graduate in Science (M.Sc-Chemistry).is for the export of a rare,exotic,expensive variety of Timber from Andra Pradesh State in India called Red Sanders Wood to Japan ,and it is used to manufacture a traditional Japanese musical instrument called Smaisen.Apart from this ,Company used to Export Sandal Wood,Indian Herbs & Medicinal Plants to Burma,Sri Lanka,West Indies & Germany.Since 1984,The Company has diversified its activities to Mining,Trading & Export of granites,Semi Precious stones for Carving, Beads making,Lapidary & Landscaping,Minerals like Quartz,Feldspar,Soap Stone,Barites, Bentonite,Kainite,Dolomite,Lime Stone.Mica and again from 2003,Company has further increased its activities to Bulk Ore Such as Iron Ore,Manganese Ore,Chromite Ore & Bauxite Ore  Lumps & Fines. Mr sadiq has a vast expeience in Mining, prospecting, Grading of all types of ores & Minerals


We are Mine owners of Several Black Granite Mines in South India,We also entered exclusive agreement with many mines of colour granites in India.Our activities in Granite Field is as follows:

(1)Export of Granite Rough Blocks for Monuments ,Tombstone,Marker:We can supply  Best variety  Indian Jet Black,Absolute Black,Medium Black,Grey,Greenish Black granite blocks sizes ranging from 0.250 Cubic Meter to 2 Cubic Meter from Our Mines.these Blocks are suitable for the manufacture of Monuments,Markers,Tombstones & Memorials.The Price ranges from US$400 to $2000 per CBM FOB Indian Port.

(2)Export of Colour Granite Rough Blocks for Tiles & Slab :We can supply a wide varities of Indian colour Granites Rough blocks of Black,White,Grey,Yellow,Green,Blue,Red,Brown,Green And Multi Colour Granites of sizes starting from 240 X 120 X 80 Cm to 320 X 200 X 150 cm.The price of these Granite Rough Blocks ranges from US$350 to 1800 Per CBM FOB Indian Port

(3)Export of Granite Monuments,Markers & Tombstones : We have our associate Granite Factory in the Out Skirts of  Our Metropolitan City of CHENNAI,Where We make American,European & Japanese Monuments,Markers & Tombstone .Our Skilled labourers are trained by foreign technicians for several years and now they are fully experienced to make any complicated designs with carvings.The price is based on Colour of the granite,Design,Style,Sizes etc. We are capable of supplying any types of monuments,Markers & Tombstones.with Top class polish with perfect sizes.

(4)Export of Granite Tiles & Slabs : We have several Granite Tiles & Slab Making Factories,where our Granite rough blocks are converted to Slabs & Tiles.We offer the Slabs of Size:240 X 120 X 2 Cm =20% ,260 X 140 X 2 Cm =20% ,280 X 150 X 2 Cm =60% BLACK : Jet Black ,2 Medium Black ,3 Light Black,4 black galaxy ,WHITE:5 Kashmir White ,6 Wiscon White ,7 Imperial White, 8 Meera White ,9 White Galaxy GREEN:10 Hassan Green ,
11 Kuppam Green,12 Forest Green,13 Tropical green, 14 Sea Weed Green, YELLOW:15 Sivakashi Yellow ,16 Madura Yellow ,17 Madura Gold, 18 Raw Silk Yellow ,19 Colombo Juparana ,20 Yellow Fantacy,21 Yellow Juparana,
RED/PINK:22 Ruby Red ,23 NH RED Imperial Red,24 Jhansi Red,25 Kadur/Ant Red, 26 Adoni Pink,27 Medium Red 
28 Red Multi Colour,29 Raw Silk Pink, BLUE:30 Srikakulam Blue,31 Orissa Blue,32 Arya Blue,33 Paradiso Classic ,
34 Paradiso Bash BROWN :35 Tan Brown, 36 Safire Brown .We can also supply Slabs of 3 Cm on specific Orders.

Company Address


M/s Indo-Japan Enterprises,
4th Fl, 11/6, Krishnan Koil Street,Chennai ,Tamilnadu,India Pincode:600001,
Ph:00-91-9940260015,Fx:00-91-44-25225755 Mobile:00-91-9382833803

Our Sister Concern

M/s Karnataka Minerals ,D.No:776, Vinayaka Nagar, Chikka nayakanahali-572214, Tumkur District, Karnataka state.India M:00917353362454


M/s Vishaka minerals , I fl, 31-28-77, Shivalayam street, Behind Sairam Arlor, Kurmannapalem, Visakhaopatnam-530046, Andra Pradesh  M:00919550557405




We are happy to introduce ourselves as one and the only south indian company who owns and exports for the past 20 years following semiprecious stones lumps to China,Taiwan and Japan.The following exotic colour stones available with us :1 Green Quartz Dark,Medium & Light size 1 to 20 Kilo per Pc
2 Rose Quartz 1 to 20 Kilo per Pc
3 Pink Aventurine 1 to 10 Kilo Per Pc
4 Transperant Quartz 50 grams to 500 grams
5 Amethyst Opaque Carving Grade 10 grams to 100 grams
6 Red,Green,Yellow Fancy Jasper 1 to 20 Kilo Per Pc
7 Green Moss Agate 1 to 20 Kilo per pc
8 Green White tree Agate 1 to 20 Kilo per Pc
9 Blood Stone 50 Grams to 2 Kilo Per Pc
10 Natural Crystal Clusters of different type 50 grams to 5 Kilo Per Pc
And Many More items like Low grade Garnet,Ruby,kainite

These stones are directly from our own mines or collected by our labourers.These stones are most suitable for making exotic carving statues,articles,artifacts,beads making,decorative items land scaping ,gardening etc..We can supply all the above said stones in huge quantity.we offer minimum of 20 Metric Ton per stone per month. We offer these stones at very cheap price Ranging from US$500 to $5000 Per Mt FOB Indian Port.


Ever since 2003,China started buying Bulk from India Our Company has incresed its activities towards Bulk Minerals & Ores:

(1)Bulk Minerals:We Deal in following Bulk Minerals

White Silica Quartz with SiO2=99.5% & Up Size;10 to 100mm , loose or I Mt jumbo Bag Packing , Monthly Export Quantity:2000Mt 

White Silica Quartz Powder : We have a small pulvarising unit near our Quartz Mines and we produce Iron free 200 Mesh White silica Quartz powder with SiO2:99.6% with Fe2O3:below 0.08%. This is most Suitable for Ceramic, Abrasive, Refractive, Paint, paper industries. we can supply Monthly:500 Mt

Potash Feldspar with K2O= above 11%,SiO2:Above 65%,Al2O3:Above 18% Na2O:Below 1%,Cao:Below 0.2%, Fe2O3 :Below 0.2%, Our Subleased Potash Feldspar Mines is in 50 Acres with Millions of Ton Feldspar Mineral Deposit and it is one of the very Big Mines in Entire South india producing Monthly Between 3000-5000Mt. The mine is 700 km from the chennai port , Our feldspar is locally purchased by Ceramics, Abrasive & Refractive products Industries situated in & around our mines

Grey Barites powder :We buy from Government Barites Mines in Andra pradesh the raw grey Barites Lumps and We pulvarise into 100/200 Mesh in our hired regular unit on job Work. We can supply Oil Drilling grade Grey Barites powder in 50 kilo Bags or 1/1.5 Mt jumbo Bags . our Barites powder has BaSO4=Min 90% , Sp.Gravity: Min 2.40,The barites powder is accordance with API standard suitable for Oil driling purpose

Bentonite powder Fullers Earth: This is also API standard suitable for Oil Drilling Wells . Bentonite Specification SiO2:Above 50%, Al2O3: Above 9%,Fe2O3: above 7% , CaO & MgO both : above 6%, Na2O;Above 1%, TiO2:above 2%, K2O: above 0.2% & LOI :14%.We process this 200 Mesh powder at our Tandur Unit Near hydrabad in ANdra pradesh. We can supply Month 1000Mt Packing either 50 Kg or 1/1.5 Mt Jumbo Bags.

Dolomite: we offer huge quantity dolomite of Grade Cao=27-30%, Mgo=17-20% . 2 to 5 Mm granules for Steel Industryand 0 to 2mm for fertilizer industry. We can supply 2000 to 5000 Mt per month of both sizes 

(2)Bulk Ores : High Grade Manganese ore Lumps :We have our exclusive tie up Mines of Manganese Ore,where we produce Manganese Ore Lumps of High Grade with Mn percentage 50%  We can supply Minimum 500 Mt to 1000 Mt per month 

  Iron ore fines : We have Liason office in Orissa and We can also organise and arrange Iron Ore fines from reputed Mines in Barbil Joda Sector of Keonjhar district in Orissa State ,concentrate,We can supply Ironore fines from orissa to Visakhapatnam port on FOR Basis to the reliable exporters and we can also Help Chinese Importers in working as Service provider in arranging all the facilitiesenabling smooth shipments from Visakhapatnam.

Iron Pyrites: We offer High Sulfur content Iron Pyrites with Fe=44% & S=50%  of Lumps sizes 10 to 100mm. Monthly     500 Mt  quantiy is offered

Lead ore Lumps : We offer Galena Ore lumps from Orisa Origin with Lead percentage Min 50% . W offer Lead ore Lumps     of size 10 to 100mm of Monthly Quantity 500 Mt 

Copper ore Lumps : we offer Chalco Pyrites Copper Ferrous sulfide Ore CuFes2 with Copper percentage 10% Min , we can supply Monthly 200 Mt and the Lumps sizes will be 10 to 100mm


Indojapan Enterprises ,Address:4th Fl, 11/6 Krishnan Koil Street , Chennai-600001 Tamilnadu State.INDIA, Ph:00-91-9940260015 Fx:00-91-44-25225755 Mo:00-91-9382833803